Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Brothers Mucham

So I finally finished my Mucha Emulation from a month ago. Sorry it took so long! I really enjoyed it and had a blast.

Ironically, my older brother Aaron, who is at school at Kennesaw State in Georgia (where I'm from) also chose to do a Mucha emulation for a duotone assignment. Also ironically, we both chose the subject of autumn. Go figure. Aaron did his completely in Illustrator.


Rose said...

Gorgeous, Michael. When I saw you working on it, I literally thought it was Mucha. You have nailed it. Very nice work.

Audrey Gayle said...

you both have the same kind of style with this. it's interesting!

RogerHaus said...

uou....what a technique!!!!

Manu Martin said...

hats of to a true artist like you.. you have genuine talent to create moods as well..

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