Thursday, June 15, 2006

a little change

So Jerremy Estrada's dad came to class today and talked about the importance on drawing different styles. The same rules will apply but there is an added twist. With each topic there will also be a different artist. So instead of just drawing a theme we will draw the theme according to the artists style. I think that this will help us to develope our skills a bit more. let me know what you all think.

for this week you can all do your own style. a few people have allready started theirs , so stating on the 26th we will apply the new idea.


Anonymous said...

I like it bro!! This is going to be fun!! I think we will all grow a ton. Thanks for putting this together Ty, you da man.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

awww stop it tay, im blushing. ya i think itll be good for us all!!

El Fro said...

Here's a fun idea ... every now and then, why don't we choose a member of this blog and have everyone draw a characature (sp?!?) of him/her. Who ever is it, has to post 2-3 pictures of themselves then everyone has a week to work.

chillins said...

YU-YAAAH!! i think thats a great idea Jordan.

hey you all. if you can , send me(tyler) a list of 10 themes/ideas for the weekly posts, so that itll be easier to thik of ideas. you can e-mail them to me