Thursday, June 15, 2006


Yo Yo Yo you are at "TheQuickDraw"!

Hey there everyone, welcome to "TheQuickDraw"! This is the place where we all get to show off our talent and motivate each other. Here are the rules:

1. Those of you who are invited can participate. So check it, ask and ye shall recieve, knock and it shall be opened unto you.(well most likely).
2. Topics will be chosen on Monday, and the drawings are due BY the following Monday. You can submimt more than one if you would like.
3. Everone will participate in picking the weekly topic.
4. Please don't post images larger than necessary. Make it big enough to see but we are limited on space.
5. Create your piece however you want to, use whatever medium you desire, but please make sure to inspire and motivate one another! We are all at different levels but we can all pick up something new from each other.

6. One more thing, if you find a site to an artist or designer that could be valuable to learning new styles and design, let me know please. I'm going to link a blogspot with inspirational art.


Lilliasaid said...

let me join...puleeeeeeeeeese :)

Alan Bradshaw said...

I want to join if that is possbile. I think this wil be perfect for me.