Monday, August 07, 2006


Sliding in at the last mintue for this she is!
And by the by... hope you can all come to my's this Saturday!
Oh, and a sketch in the same style I was playing around with earlier in the week....I know she's not a hero, but Catwoman is fun anyway.


Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

but ya!!! catwoman is a hero!!! you should color this one up!!

great super gals!!

REM-Brant said...

Like the color scheme for Supergirl...nice job on her shoulders. And I'm digging Catwoman's face design the the cat shops under her couch.

REM-Brant said...

Heh shops...SHAPES! The cat SHAPES!

Lilliasaid said...

Thanks guys...yeah Catwoman is definately on the "to color" list.

Ron Jensen said...

Oooh I realy like the cat woman one as well. The cat gestures around her are very nice looking.