Saturday, August 05, 2006

tin man (late, i know)

i've just started drawing again, after 4 months, so it's been hard getting back into the groove, but i feel like i'm finally starting to break through the barrier. :)

here's a quick sketch

p.s. yeah, i didn't follow the style.... just trying to get something out. ;)


Ron Jensen said...

Thats some very tin manlyness. I'm glad your back drawing, I missed your stuff.

Very tight, nice work.

Tyler (characters N' sketches) said...

ohhhh sucka!!! its about time hahaha

no but really its a great sketch im also glad you are back, i hope to continue seein your stuff here, its good for us all:)

i like his little tea pot hillariouse haha

Joe Fowler said...

My favorite part is either how much there is nothing tin about him, or his women's underwear showing off his "cheeks", can't decide.

El Fro said...

yeah, the butt cheek is deffinatly nice.